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Stockings by Various Artists

The Meredith Collection - X151 (Stitched by Jan McCoy)
Unique Choice - XS2370 (Stitched by Leigh Pauling)

Quail Run - CD914
Patti Mann - 6431 (Stitched by Malinda Crumley)
Canvasworks - 197
Canvasworks - 196

Lee - XS7070 (Stitched by Jan McCoy)
Danji - DCM3

Danji - DCM4 (Stitched by Glenn Whipple)
Share One's Ideas - CS110 (Stitched by BB Moncrief)
Share One's Ideas - CS120 (Stitched by Chris Fershtand)
Share One's Ideas - CS127
Susan Roberts - 138 (Stitched by Janet Donnell)
Susan Roberts - 139 (Stitched by Janet Donnell)
Susan Roberts - 123

Susan Roberts - 120 (Stitched by Leigh Pauling)
The Studio - XS3D
The Studio - XS3G

Peter Ashe - ST1

Peter Ashe - ST22 (Stitched by Ashley Moncrief)

Peter Ashe - ST54 (Stitched by Ashley Moncrief)

Stocking Cuffs

Raymond Crawford - HO322 (Stitched by Carol Blanton)
Cheryl Schaeffer - CXS48 (Stitched by Anne Chester)

The Meredith Collection - XC14 (Stitched by Margaret Roberts)

The Meredith Collection - XC20 (Stitched by Lyn Clark)

The Meredith Collection - XC26 (Stitched by Lny Clark)